A Community Corporation

We, and I mean all of us really are sitting back and bemoaning the fact that our production and manufacturing jobs are being sent out of the Country by the multinational corporations and we expect Government somehow to step in and fix the problem and bring us back the prosperity and jobs that we once had.


I have news!


Its not going to happen.


Government, Bankers nor Multi National Corporations have our best interests in mind, quite the opposite really, they both want to strip us of every cent and every thing that we own and so far nothing has happened that is going to stop them.


The sad thing and also the thing that encourages me is that we really do have the power and the ability to change things and to bring back some of what we have lost over the last 40 years.


When you think about your investments what comes to mind? You are getting 1 or 2% return at the bank which is nothing really, a little more in your 401k. You have your money invested with bankers and investment houses, its in your 401k  and someone 2,000 miles away is buying up stocks in the corporations that are sending your jobs and the jobs your kids will never have now overseas, we are funding our own destruction.


I say it needs to be turned around and the only way it is going to happen is by people taking control in their own communities and affecting the piece of the world they are living in.


I would suggest a community corporation, what I mean by that is say 500 people each investing 1,000 dollars. Its not a lot but most people can come up with that. Set up a corporation, each person has one vote. Not a vote for each share a vote for each person who owns a share or any number of shares. The idea is to get numbers of people involved.


Those 500 people vote to elect a board, the board of directors hires a manager to run the business the corporation wants to buy or start up.


So now you have a corporation with 500 members and $500,000.00 and you purchase a gas station for example. Now give each person a discount card so they can get a discount on the gas and other stuff they buy from the station they own a piece of.


That is 500 people and their families who are now spending their money in a business that they own a piece of and that is 500 people who are not buying their gas at the Wal-Mart station. You want to take back your community from the multi national corporations that are sucking the life and profit out of your hometown that is how you start to do it.


About ludingtonbiz

I've lived in Ludington for most of my life and am deeply vested in Ludington. I currently write the weekly history column for the Ludington Daily News and maintain a history and genealogy website at http:ludingtonmichigan.net I've been married to Sherri for 31 years now and we raised two boys, Andy and Nate at our Amber Township home. I've always got a bee buzzing in my bonnet it seems and thought that I might as well have some fun with it. I have several websites that I am integrating and developing, the history site has been online since 1999 and the ludington.biz site since 2002. I have several self published local history books, and other materials that I want to share and to also market and I have always had a lot of ideas about how the Ludington area might be re-invented. I'm approaching my ideas for Ludington as if I had just won a 200 million dollar lottery and how I might go about changing the landscape.
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